Spring CPD offers popular speakers

New programme of workshops for spring offers a wide range of popular speakers

An exciting and varied series of continuing professional development (CPD) workshops is in the pipeline over the coming months, following hot on the heels of a popular autumn programme.

The workshops, taking place at venues across the UK, including Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff, Northampton and London, include materia medica, marketing and research.

Acting CPD coordinator Marie McShea says: “In planning the programme for the spring and summer we have responded to requests from members bringing back some of the very popular speakers, as well as being able to introduce some new people.
We are so pleased to be able to put on this programme with such experienced and inspirational colleagues and look forward to some exciting days”

In Bristol Dr Elizabeth Thompson will be talking about how to expand our knowledge of tree remedies. She says: “There are some wonderful provings and cases that will bring us closer to understanding these ancient and loyal assistants in the healing arts.”
Dr Elizabeth Thompson is lead clinician for the thriving outpatient service from the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital with a team of six doctors. She is a fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy and is the academic director for a five-year academic teaching programme, and comes back by popular request.

‘Embracing Trees’ will take place in Bristol on Friday May 10.

Later in May Jo Evans, a busy homeopath based in London, will be sharing insights about sea remedies, developing themes explored in her recently published book Sea Remedies: Evolution of the Senses.  Based on cases, provings and materia medica, Jo will give you the opportunity to explore your knowledge, working from well known remedies such as Calc carb to related shell remedies, and from Sepia to other cephalopods such octopus and squid, and going on to explore when to prescribe a jellyfish remedy, a coral, a seahorse, a starfish and many others.

‘Sea Remedies’ will take place in London on Friday May 17.

Meanwhile in Edinburgh, Jackie McTaggart will be presenting a day on the Lanthanides. She will be exploring how to use these newer remedies and clarifying their place in the periodic table using video cases. Jackie is known as an interesting and stimulating teacher who presents material in an accessible, down to earth way. As one participant from a previous course says “Studying the Lanthanides with Jackie has been like a light bulb going on”.

Jackie has a long running and busy homeopathic practice working in South Manchester and the city centre. She is a lecturer at the North West College of Homeopathy as well as running training courses for homeopaths.

‘The Lanthanides’ will take place in Edinburgh on Friday May 17.

Geoff Johnson is one of our most popular teachers and we are really pleased he has agreed to present a further workshop in Cardiff. Entitled ‘taking to the air’,  Geoff will look at the insect and bird families. As Geoff says: “The feature that defines these families is flight. There is a better world out there. However, how they attempt to achieve it, and what prevents them, guides us to the remedy. Come and experience the fierce spirituality of the birds, and attempt to escape from the violence and filth of the insects.”
Geoff qualified as a vet from Cambridge in 1987 and he now runs a homeopathy-only practice for both humans and animals in his home village in Somerset.

‘Taking to the Air’ will be in Cardiff on Friday July 12.

In June in Northampton, Tina Burchill will discuss how to turn homeopathy and your practice into the good news that local media and the community want to hear about. This session will be workshop based, and focus on communication and how to effectively spread the word to generate more patients. The day will include how to explain homeopathy quickly and effectively, finding the news in your own story, how to write effective marketing material and how to write a press release and get it published.

Tina Burchill RSHom worked for 18 years as a journalist in regional newspapers and as a freelance, writing articles for the Telegraph, the Times and national magazines. She has been the editor of the Society’s Newsletter since 2003.

‘Talk it up’ will be in Northampton -  Friday June 21.

The research committee has developed a workshop following on from the recent autumn local meetings.  It will be a practically orientated day to help you to collect and analyse data from your own practice. Philippa Fibert will demonstrate how she is using MYMOP in her research into the treatment of children with ADHD. Hugh Harrison will introduce the assessment tool he is developing, based on Hering’s law of cure (see the Winter 2012 issue of the Homeopath). Julie Smith will introduce audit skills to enable you to review and make improvements to a particular aspect of the service you offer.

‘The case for homeopathy – assessment in our own practice’ will be in London on Friday June 14.

For further information and to book visit www.homeopathy-soh.org/for-homeopaths/cpdev.aspx or call booking line 01604 817890