Homeopathy Awareness Week

Homeopathy – feel good inside and out
14th – 21st June


2014 marks the Society’s 14th Homeopathy Awareness Week campaign, this year with a theme of skincare. 

A recent survey by Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy found that over one quarter of Brits state that their skin reacts to changes in their lifestyle. Of the changes in lifestyle that their skin most reacts to most, 34% names illness, 33% lack of sleep and 27% named changes in their diet. These stats come on top of the one in ten people affected by conditions such as mild eczema and mild acne in the UK and this year’s campaign will be raising awareness of how homeopathy can be used to help relieve symptoms.

Thanks to the generosity of sponsor Nelsons, members of the Society will be promoting the campaign at their clinic and in the local community.

The Snooks are Coming!

Check out the Snooks from 14th June at http://www.youtube.com/user/FindaHomeopath