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All registered homeopaths on this list

  • have satisfied The Society’s educational and professional requirements
  • practise in accordance with The Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice and Core Criteria for Homeopathic Practice and National Occupational Standards for Homeopathy
  • have full professional and indemnity insurance
  • are responsible for continuing their personal and professional development

Registered Members are issued with a certificate of registration and may use the initials RSHom denoting that they are ‘Registered with The Society of Homeopaths’.

To download The Society Code of Ethics and Practice: click here

The initials FSHom denote the award Fellowship of The Society of Homeopaths. This award is made only to existing Registered members of The Society of Homeopaths for their contribution to homeopathy or the work of The Society. The following registered members are Fellows of The Society of Homeopaths: Grazyna Baran, Miranda Castro, Marcus Christo, Sue Crump, Zofia Dymitr, Stephen Gordon, Patricia Haggie, Louis Klein, Felicity Lee, John Morgan, David Mundy, Misha Norland,  Rachel Roberts, Sheila Ryan, Roger Savage, Juliet Smith, Simon Taffler and Francis Treuherz

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About The Homeopaths In This Register

Registered Members

The Society of Homeopaths maintains and publishes this register of qualified and experienced homeopaths to help the public obtain first class homeopathic treatment.

Finding a homeopath from the list

You might want to speak to a number of homeopaths in your area before making an appointment, to find out their fees, availability and experience. Some homeopaths may also use other methods of healing; if they do, we would advise that you check they have insurance cover for the additional therapies.

Overseas Members

Inclusion in the Register of those working overseas means that the practitioner obtained registration with The Society before leaving the UK. Practitioners working outside the UK are responsible for attaining registration (with the appropriate professional organisation in their own country where one exists) and for arranging professional indemnity insurance. Whilst the practitioners listed in this section voluntarily agree to adhere to The Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice, the services of The Society’s Professional Conduct Department are not available to patients or practitioners outside the UK. Any problems encountered by patients in relation to these practitioners should be addressed with the practitioner concerned or with their professional body in the country in which they practise.

To download The Society Code of Ethics and Practice: click here

Complaints procedure

If you are dissatisfied or concerned about any aspect of the treatment you have received and you cannot or do not feel able to resolve this directly with the practitioner concerned, you may wish to telephone or write in confidence to The Society’s Professional Conduct Officer at the Northampton address.

Homeopathy is a medical science and also a healing art. The Society of Homeopaths welcomes a broad spectrum of members who may adopt a variety of recognised approaches to prescribing. In the homeopathic approach to health and disease, each case is seen as unique and every prescription is individualised. The choice of prescribing method is always determined by the needs of the individual patient, as enshrined in the UK – agreed National Occupational Standards 2000.