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The spirit of this award is to annually recognise an outstanding one off achievement in the practice of, promotion of or generally in the field of homeopathy and is differentiated from the Honorary Fellowship award which is awarded as recognition for a body of work achieved over a career span.

Criteria for the award will be as follows.

  • This award would be open to anyone whether practitioner or member of the general public, or a particular group of people who have been involved in any activity that has raised the profile of homeopathy in a positive light.
  • This award should be in recognition of work achieved by the recipient within a 12 month to 2 year time frame of the time of nomination.
  • Receiving an outstanding achievement award for a particular project would not exclude the award of honorary fellowship at a later date.
  • As is usual with such awards, recipients may not use the award as a promotional tool or infer that it makes them a superior practitioner. Recipients will be asked to sign a Condition of Acceptance before receiving the award.

Nominations may only be made and seconded by RSHoms. An individual member may not nominate and/or second more than 2 nominations in a 2 year period.

The successful nominee/s will receive a certificate marking their achievement that year. Ideally the award would be presented at the Society’s AGM.

The Membership Committee is responsible for checking the nominations to be sure they meet the criteria.

The decision of who should receive an outstanding achievement award rests with the Board of Directors who may also decide how many awards, if any, to present in any given year.

How to nominate

Nominations should be sent in writing to the Chair of the Membership Committee, The Society of Homeopaths, 11 Brookfield, Duncan Close, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6WL by the 1st October 2013 for consideration by the Membership Committee. Recommendations will then be made to the Board of Directors. The Board’s decision is final.

Successful nominees will be contacted to inform them that they have been nominated and to confirm their acceptance. Terms and conditions of acceptance must be signed and returned 6 weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

A formal presentation of the award will be made at the AGM.

Download Outstanding Achievement Award nomination form (pdf version): click here

If you have any questions about your nomination please contact the Membership Committee. Email Diane_goodwin@homeopathy-soh.org