Plans for 2013 and beyond

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1) Executive Summary


The Society of Homeopaths is a not for profit professional membership organisation, voluntary register and regulator of homeopaths, setting and maintaining standards in the public interest.  The Society has made positive steps during 2012, re-focusing to deliver against the key strategic objectives.  This plan sets out how the Society will focus its activities initially during 2013 and then through to 2016.


Currently the Society is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors, who are all practising homeopaths, led by the Chair. The Board has two independent non-voting advisors.  The Board is responsible for the strategy and governance of The Society, delegating the day-to-day operation of the organisation to the staff team.


2) Background


The Society has a clear remit, and with strong leadership from the board and the executive team is delivering against objectives and increasingly being respected within the homeopathic community.  Going forward the Society needs to maintain its pro homeopathy awareness and membership focus, assisting members and attracting new members.  The Society will continue to be a strong and leading partner for the profession demonstrating that there is a critical need to build this proactive approach.


3) Our vision - ‘To see homeopathy accepted and established within modern healthcare’.


4) Our values


 The Society aims to be a healthy and sustainable organisation, continually reviewing and improving our standards and processes in the best interests of the public and our members.

In all our processes and decision-making we are committed to being;


·       inclusive


·       transparent


·       accountable


·       responsive


·       fair


5) Our aims, priorities and overall strategic objectives

The Society aims to promote the benefits of homeopathy to the public and ensure that people who have homeopathic treatment receive the highest level of care from our registered homeopaths.


To achieve this, the Society will focus on the following priorities;

·       setting and developing the highest standards and values for education, registration and ethical practice


·       supporting members with a range of membership services


·       encouraging members to contribute to the work of the organisation and the profession


·       implementing a marketing strategy for the Society and homeopathy (where appropriate in

conjunction with partner organisations)


·       increasing the knowledge base for and about homeopathy and keeping the public informed about the evidence of its effectiveness


Taking each area in turn there are a clear number of priorities that the Society needs to take forward successfully during 2013.  The next section seeks to identify these key priorities:


 1.Promoting homeopathy, the Society and the RSHom brand


We will do this by:
promoting the professional standard of homeopathy delivered by the RSHom brand
promoting the Society to potential members
seeking to place items in the media promoting our members and homeopathy
developing the Society’s social media strategy
developing the website to promote homeopathy and the RSHom brand
increasing our marketing capability, resources and expertise
keeping the public informed about homeopathy and the evidence for its effectiveness
developing and maintaining a key stakeholder database ensuring regular contact
where required develop strategic partnerships


2.Maintaining and developing standards

We will do this by developing, maintaining and promoting
the Society’s course recognition process
the Society’s registration process
the Society’s professional conduct procedures
our CPD support for members by introducing a system for members to complete and submit
regular CPD records
The Society will continue to work closely with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to scope
and develop a potential Society application for the accreditation of the Society register

3.Communicating with members and supporting their involvement

We will do this by:
holding local membership meetings, collating feedback and using it to inform future planning
keeping members regularly informed about Society activity via the members area of the website,
e-bulletins and enews publications
developing and maintaining a Society profile on social media channels
maintaining and developing our range of membership support services
facilitating involvement by members in Society activity, e.g. through sub-committees and working
groups as required

4.Collaborating with other organisations to promote homeopathy

We will do this by:
collaborating with other homeopathy organisations to protect and promote patients’ right to choose
working with other homeopathy organisations to support new initiatives to promote homeopathy
continuing to collaborate with the 4homeopathy group to increase the take-up of homeopathy by
the public
keeping in regular touch with other healthcare registers and organisations and developing
collaborative relationships where appropriate


5.Meeting the challenges

We will do this by:
working with other organisations to support our members’ right to promote their practices honestly
and fairly
responding constructively to factually incorrect or unfair reporting on homeopathy
communicating the existing evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy
ensuring that members are kept up-to-date with the latest research and current thinking in
exploring and monitoring future legislative implications relating to homeopathy


6.Ensuring the Society’s financial stability

We will do this by:
setting membership fees to meet the Society’s agreed commitments and objectives
monitoring spending against the agreed budget for the year
monitoring the best interest rates the Society acheives through ethical investments
identifying and projecting appropriate financial implications for the Society and implementing the
reserves policy


7.Consolidating the review of our policies and processes

We will do this by:
presenting revisions to the Articles of Association to members at the AGM 2013
reviewing, considering and implementing recommendations of a review of the registration processes and policies reviewing, considering and implementing recommendations of a review of the education processes and policies completing and implementing actions and recommendations arising from the internal governance review

Years 2014 – 2016 – Advancing the Society’s Role

The Society is a credible and respected organisation within the homeopathy profession and has played a leading part in the development of the collaboration of organisations working together to promote homeopathy.  However, as this expectation increases together with an impact of a changing landscape it will mean that the Society will have to be creative, develop stronger relationships and develop robust horizon planning.


1. Maintaining and developing standards

The Society will monitor and explore developments in healthcare regulation, the regulation of homeopathic medicines and changes in healthcare delivery in both the public and private sector. The Society will consult with members on any proposals the board considers will benefit protection of the public and the standing of homeopathy. We will do this by:

maintaining contact with relevant organisations, including the government and appropriate
responding to relevant consultations
discussing the establishment of a CAM forum with Group One therapies
reviewing and revising the Society’s professional standards as appropriate, in relation to external developments regarding regulation
reviewing and revising the Society’s course recognition process, registration process, professional conduct
procedures (where appropriate) and any CPD requirement which may have been introduced

2.Promoting homeopathy (growing uptake in the UK), the Society and the RSHom brand

We will do this by:
increasing the profile of the Society, building contacts across other health professions, official
bodies, and other key stakeholders
promoting the Society as the leading organisation regulating and representing professional
homeopaths, to the,general public, students and practitioners
promoting the RSHom brand to the public, other health professionals and official bodies
placing media to promote the Society, our members and homeopathy


3.  Keeping the public informed about the evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy
We will do this by:
maintaining a focus on research, to provide reliable information for developing ‘thought leadership
activity’ for practitioners and to support evidence-based media activity


4.  Collaborating with other organisations
We will do this by:

     setting aside funding for joint projects and initiatives, where relevant to Society objectives
participating in cross organisational meetings when appropriate to do so

5.  Membership support
The Society will continue to support local/regional members’ groups and continue to support and develop services for members to position the Society as the leading provider of business support for members. The Society will encourage members and potential members to participate in the Society’s various activities.
We will do this by:

organising local and regional meetings and encouraging member attendance consulting members on a range of issues, eg through use of Survey Monkey working with other organisations to offer additional benefits to members increasing practice support information for members investigating the potential of using widely available technology (e.g. tele-seminars and/or webinars) to create more  opportunities for members to engage in CPD

6.  Monitoring long term financial and funding requirements for the Society
We will do this by:
ensuring the Society is viable and financially stable
reviewing income streams and funding requirements on an annual basis
setting membership fees to meet the Society’s agreed commitments and objectives
monitoring spending against the agreed budgets
monitoring the best interest rates the Society is getting through ethical investments

7.  Meeting the challenges
The Society will work to create the conditions to advance the Society’s role in homeopathy. We will do this by:
implementing the strategic objectives within this plan
having in place strong governance, scrutiny and regular reviews of progress
engaging appropriate media, legal and professional support where necessary
budgeting to employ staff, training/upskilling existing staff with the skills to respond to a changing environment
having a number of well trained media spokespersons to call upon (in collaboration with partner organisations)