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Which course should I choose?

The courses on the recognised list meet our criteria. They are involved in regular development and review activities with us and with each other. Although we are happy to recommend any of these courses as satisfying the standards we require, each course has an individual ‘flavour’.

Most course providers are happy for you to come and visit them and some hold open days for prospective students, so you could talk to students as well as staff. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – it is important that you select a course which feels right for you.

You are also welcome to call the Society office on 01604 817890.

How can I find our more about the courses?

Click here to find out more

Questions you might consider:

  • How many students are in the classes?
  • Will there be a variety of approaches to learning – lectures, small groups, academic, experiential, self-directed, collaborative?
  • What kinds of support are offered to students – e.g. locally based tutorials, pastoral support, counselling, buddy systems etc.?
  • What kind of resources are there? (library, Information and Communication Technology?)
  • Will there be opportunities for clinical observation with a range of homeopaths and/or other practitioners?
  • What are the arrangements for students gaining direct, supported clinical experience?
  • What are the unique features of the course?
  • How would I be assessed? (examinations, presentations, portfolios etc.) and what kind of qualification would I achieve?
  • How much emphasis is there on practitioner development, including self-reflection, ethics, boundaries, business skills etc.?
  • Has the course established any networks for support in practice after qualification?
  • Does the course provide a variety of methods of homeopathy or focus on one?

And questions about the college:

  • How long has the course or the college been running?
  • How long have the current members of staff been working there and what are their qualifications and experience?
  • How are students’ interests represented in the course management?
  • When are the fees due and can I pay in instalments? Will I be asked to pay more than one year’s fees in advance?
  • Do the stated fees include everything or will there be additional charges (e.g. for supervision of clinical work)?
  • If I leave before the end of a year, will any of my fees be refunded?
  • How clear is the complaints procedure?
  • How stable is the course in financial terms? (Look at numbers of students, fees, overheads etc. Is the institution public, privately-owned or registered as a company or a co-operative? What insurances are in place?)
  • Is the institution supported by funding other than the course fees?
  • What contingency plans are in place to safeguard students’ education in the event of changes of circumstances, for the college or the student?

Will I be a Registered Homeopath when I qualify from the course?

If you qualify from a  course which is recognised at the time of your qualification, you will be immediately eligible to apply for registration with the Society of Homeopaths (see our Registration section). This will include the provision of support through continuing professional development.

Why isn’t …. on your recognised courses list?

Not all courses choose to apply. Participation in our recognised procedure is voluntary.

What are the employment opportunities in homeopathy?

The vast majority of professional homeopaths in this country are self-employed in their own private practices. Some work independently, whilst others work in homeopathy centres or multi-disciplinary clinics. There are a few posts available working with charities and national schemes.

Can I join the register if I haven’t qualified from a recognised course?

Yes. We have an Individual Route to registration which is a process of accreditation of prior (experiential) learning as an alternative pathway to our recognised course route. Call us at the Society office on  01604 817890 for further details of this scheme.

Do you provide funding for studies?

No but some students have obtained grants or loans independently to support their studies.

Are there any distance learning courses?

There are, but currently all of our recognised courses are mainly attendance based. However some of our recognised courses have alternative pathways based on distance learning for the first one or two years.

Are there any post-qualification courses?

Some of our recognised courses do provide additional post-qualification courses, and you will see other courses advertised in our Journal and Newsletter. Some universities run Masters courses in alternative medicine.  Click here for further information

If you have any further general questions about education in homeopathy, please contact the Society office on 01604 817890 or email