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The Complete Homeopathy Handbook

Homeopathy for Mother and Baby, Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Years of Life

Homeopathic Guide to Stress, Safe and Effective Natural Ways to Alleviate Physical and Emotional Stress

Miranda Castro FSHom. Pan

A series of three guides to everyday health care written by a Registered Member and Fellow of the Society.

Practical Homœopathy: Homeopathy and the Menopause

Beth MacEoin RSHom. Bloomsbury

Complete guides to homeopathic treatment written by a Registered Member of the Society.

Homeopathy, An Introductory Guide to Natural Medicine for the Whole Person

Peter Adams RSHom. Element
An introduction which explains what to expect from a consultation with a homeopath, written by a Registered Member of the Society.

Homeopathy, Science or Myth?

Bill Gray MD. North Atlantic Books

The place of homeopathy in relation to modern conventional medicine and the treatment of contemporary disease patterns.

Science of Homeopathy

George Vithoulkas.

‘Principles and Practice of Homeopathy’

David Owen MBBS, FFHom. Churchill Livingstone

‘Medicine Flows – Homeopathic Philosophy’

Mo Morrish BSc, MCCH, RSHom. Homeopathy Centre Publications

Further Reading


Resonance The Homeopathic Point of View

Richard Moskowitz MD. Xlibris Corporation

A modern textbook.

Studies in Materia Medica

D M Gibson. Beaconsfield Publishers

Thorough well presented introductory studies in materia medica.

Repertory to the Homeopathic Materia Medica: Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica: Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy

James Tyler Kent. Reprinted in India.

Three great classics, essential texts for students and practitioners

The Organon of the Medical Art

Samuel Hahnemann. Birdcage Books 1996/2001

A modern translation of the major theoretical book first published in 1810, translated and edited by Stephen Decker and Wenda O’Reilly.

Organon of Medicine, 5th & 6th Edition

Samuel Hahnemann, Translated by Dudgeon 1849 and Boericke 1922.

Reprinted in India.

Homeopathic Drug Pictures

Margaret Tyler. Health Science Press

Snapshot pictures of our most important remedies full of references from the classic literature and clinical experiences.

The Spirit of Homeopathy

The Substance of Homeopathy

The Soul of Remedies

The System of Homeopathy

Rajan Sankaran. Published in Bombay. Four inspiring modern textbooks.

Homeopathy: Good Science – how new science validates homeopathy

Peter Adams RSHom. Rhyme and Reason Books.
Science has not reached definitive conclusions on many of the experiments discussed in this book, so it is not about finding definitive answers, rather it provides an interesting introduction to readers who are new to this subject area.

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