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Homeopathic College

This is your opportunity to become a Professional Homeopath– to make a real difference to people’s health and wellbeing!

Discover the vast benefit to you of flexible part time study for your new career in Homeopathy. At the Homeopathic College of East Anglia you will gain professional status whilst helping yourself, your family and future patients to enjoy better health. We are a vibrant professional College established since 2002 within our own beautifully restored clinic and teaching building, conveniently situated in the centre of the historical Norman City of Norwich. Join us for ten weekends per year to bring  a new career with flexible working hours, a better standard of living and to provide your patients with improved health. With a busy, city centre Homeopathic Clinic we provide real “hands-on” patient experience to ensure that you experience practical homeopathic skills alongside sound homeopathic knowledge.

To address the health needs of the 21st Century patient we provide professional training not only in the sound historical Classical method of prescribing but also in the modern current practical methods. This will ensure that you gain up to the minute integrated professional skills to capably and confidently address modern health problems.

Whilst enjoying the amazing discovery of the huge potential of Homeopathic remedies and Homeopathic treatment we will also teach you valuable knowledge about good nutrition. Good nutrition and a healthy life style are fundamental to a healthy body. We combine the teaching of these subjects with herbal remedies, supplement knowledge and an interesting introduction to a range of other complementary therapies to ensure our graduates are best placed to provide an excellent health care service for their patients. Medical sciences (all inclusive of your course) is presented with a fun and innovative approach to ensure this subject comes alive enabling our students to understand the fascinating workings of the human body and understand the unfortunate implications when things go wrong!

Our college welcomes applications from every walk of life. This will provide you with a unique and very special opportunity to make new friends whilst enjoying the common aim of creating a caring professional health care service.

Come and join us to gain professional status and a rewarding career whilst being able to enjoy flexible working hours opening new doors to a better standard of living for you and your family.

Our intention is to provide you with a welcoming, friendly, supportive learning environment where you will be able to develop the qualities necessary for a most successful Homeopathic practice.

Take a look at our web site  click here or ring for a chat today on 01603 665173.