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“Not to believe in the possibility of change is to forget that things have changed, not enough of course, but enough to show what is possible.  We have been surprised before in history.  Indeed, we can do the surprising.”
Howard Zinn – Historian, Playwright and Activist

The decision to study a subject as complex and self-challenging as homeopathy is one that we, at SHC, appreciate completely.  Our programme encourages you to believe in the possibility of change, not only for yourself and your chosen profession, but for humanity.  We study the science and art that is homeopathy using a structured, educationally valid and proven process.  Our students are supported throughout by personal tutors, supervisors, our alumni and the SHC academic board.  It has always been our intention to offer our students and graduates a homeopathic home; a place of learning, support, integration and professional security both throughout their learning process, into practice and beyond.

Our course is challenging.  It will not only teach you about homeopathy, but how to practise as a successful homeopathic practitioner and businessman/woman; it will teach you to widen your horizons, personally and professionally; it will help you become the best homeopath you can be by ensuring that you graduate only when you are confident, competent and clear in your understanding of your discipline and are ready to take your well earned place in the world of professional homeopathy.

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