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The School of Homeopathy, which is a family managed School and the longest running in the UK, has provided  complete education in the art and science of homeopathy – from beginner to practitioner level – to over 4,500 students across the world since 1981.

Our cutting edge attendance course gives you the knowledge and expertise to become a confident homeopath, with the focus on increasing your skills in case receiving, analysis and prescription. Clinical observation and case-work under supervision are also important aspects of this course, giving you all the preparation you need to practice.

Five reasons to enrol
1. Certification: you will be awarded our prestigious Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy, internationally and fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths.

2. Celebrating the individual: our course blends different models and approaches, and actively encourages each student to find their own style of expression.

3. Clinical supervision: the School helped pioneer clinical supervision in homeopathy and has a well developed programme, with over 60 trained supervisors in the network.

4. Classical and contemporary teaching: this attendance course brings old and new worlds together – old masters such as Hahnemann and Kent, new approaches by Sankaran and Vermeulen, amongst others.

5. Student support: you’ll benefit from ongoing care and feedback through our network of mentors, tutors and teachers, with full, written feedback following every piece of your work.

It is our passion for advancing and spreading homeopathy to the very highest level that has given our programmes a leading edge and helped to create a national and international benchmark. The School’s 4-year Practitioner Course is fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths.

We run flexible home-study programs or a part-time attendance course. We have a variety of courses from beginner level which can feed into our to Practitioner Advanced Diploma course :

Homeopathy First Aid Course & Remedy Kit
Homeopathy Taster Course
1 Year : Homeopathy Foundation Course
2 Year : Homeopathy Introduction into Practice Course
4 Year : Homeopathy Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course

In the UK we offer the unique choice of: part-time attendance or distance learning in Years 1 & 2, with part-time attendance in Years 3 & 4. Creative and practical study is based in Stroud, with excellent student support & supervision. Attendance study is one weekend a month ten months of the year. For more information about our courses please call for a free Prospectus or to arrange a visit.

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