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Robin Hayfield – Principal

The South Downs School of Homoeopathy is a well established college, with students from all over Southern and South-East England and is based in central Chichester, West Sussex.

It was founded in 1997, and is now one of the leading homeopathy training colleges in the UK. Our building is situated in beautiful grounds, and the classrooms are bright and comfortable. We feel that everyone should gain the maximum enjoyment possible, in an informal atmosphere of warmth and friendship. Homoeopathy is a dynamic healing process that revitalises the body, mind and spirit. It has undergone a spectacular renaissance over the last forty years.

There is now a move towards less invasive methods of healing, and an increasing awareness of profounder holistic approaches like homoeopathy. We pride ourselves in providing a broadly based classical education, with a flexible approach – low on dogma and high on common sense. Our teaching is based on the natural principles laid down by Samuel Hahnemann, some 200 years ago. These principles have stood the test of time, and are continually being developed and refined.

The aim of our homoeopathy school is to train our students to become homoeopathic healers in the finest sense of the word. Homoeopathy is the most profound of the natural energy medicines that work on the lifeforce. It brings balance and harmony to all levels-physical, mental and emotional. And as each homoeopathic prescription is patient-centered, so we pride ourselves on offering the training that is practitioner-centered, with every student encouraged to find their own way of studying and gaining practical skills. We make sure that every one is looked after in a kind yet profesional manner. With the South Downs School, your four years with us will be both a journey and an adventure, as we encourage you to find your true potential.

Our homoeopathy course is fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths, the professional organisation for the majority of homeopaths in this country.

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