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Welsh School Photo

Linda Gwillim and Bill Rumble

The Welsh School of Homoeopathy was founded in 1995 and is committed to providing the highest standards of homoeopathic education with a view to leading students into professional practice.

The Schools’ training focuses on a process orientated approach which pays attention to the dynamics of case taking and prescribing, opening the eye of curiosity and exploring the dynamics of human interaction.

Our system has been described as a ‘spiral curriculum’. This involves covering the principles and philosophy of Homoeopathy in a broad sweep and then returning and deepening as time goes by with new experiences and insights to illuminate the material.

We focus on an organic, creative system, firmly structured and boundaried by the principles of homoeopathic philosophy, rather than a modular system. Through this deepening process our students develop a greater understanding of the art of Homoeopathy and its medicines rather than simply acquiring vast amounts of information.

To educate means literally to ‘lead out’ and this is the prime objective of the course; namely to lead out the healer within.

Our method of teaching is directly appropriate to adult learners. We view it as a process of cooperative inquiry in which we work together to continually develop the raw material i.e. the students’ thoughts, feelings and inspirations, which are based upon an already considerable volume of valuable life experience. By working in a small group we can maximise personal involvement and facilitate close working relationships. This has led to the formation of a strong, vibrant, ever growing homoeopathic community with the School, its students and its graduates.

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