Where land meets water

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Gordon (St Davids)

Where land meets water – Gordon Adam
20th June, Newport

This workshop will be an exploration of remedies made from creatures and substances that inhabit the realms of both land and water. Gordon has been in homeopathy practice since 1988 and studying and exploring sea remedies for the last 10 years.

Gordon’s interest in sea remedies has naturally extended into exploration of remedies that partly inhabit the sea (or water) but that are also creatures of land or air. This has included a trituration proving of the amphibious Grass Snake (Natrix natrix) (with Peter Fraser), and a meditation proving of Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys oliveacea ovum).

The workshop will include accounts of remedy provings, as well as presentation of cases where ‘semi-aquatic’ remedies have been curative, including cases and materia medica of Penguin, Bald Eagle (a sea eagle), Sea Turtle and Shipwreck. Participants are invited to bring along any relevant cases to share with the group. We will also do a short meditation proving of an unproved ‘semi-aquatic’ remedy.

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