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Wondrous Plants with Jenni Tree

6th November 201510:00 am -5:00 pm

JenniTreeAt this workshop, Jenni Tree will explore the new book of plant remedies 'Wondrous Order – the Table of Plants' written by Michal Yakir which offers a different way of understanding cases and remedies. Michal has developed a table, which uses the Cronquist order of evolution from the most primitive plants (magnolids) to the most recently evolved (asterids).


Treating Complex Cases: a triad approach with Hilary Fairclough

7th November 201510:00 am -5:00 pm

HilaryFaircloughHilary Fairclough co-founder and director of the Maun Homeopathy Project, will discuss treatingcomplex cases using a triad approach. The challenge of treating people with complex cases is increasingly present in our homeopathic practices. From advanced pathology and medical suppression to multiple stresses and maintaining causes of ill health, it is often hard to find a prescribing strategy that covers all aspects of the case.


Trauma Awareness with Rissa Mohabir

13th November 201510:00 am -5:00 pm

RissaMohabirRissa Mohabir will be presenting a workshop in Bristol based on her studies with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in New York.

She says that we live in a time with so much trauma around, and with increasing demands on us as homeopathic practitioners. After 25 years, both as a practitioner and trainer for homeopaths, Rissa found that what was missing was how to work with managing the early warning signs and presentations of activation (hyper arousal/hypo arousal) from a trauma perspective.



An introduction to statistics for CAM therapists

20th November 201511:00 am -5:00 pm

AngelinaMosleyCome along to this one day workshop for a dynamic exploration of the importance and relevance of statistics to CAM therapists – you might just be surprised!

Many people associate the word “statistics” with impenetrable mathematical formulae and incomprehensible jargon, but really, statistics are everywhere. They can be used to describe the properties and characteristics of a group of people or products; they can be used to make predictions about future events, such as the weather or the likely outcome of a medical treatment. Even though statistics may seem complex and intimidating at first glance it is not necessary to be a mathematical genius to grasp the essential underlying principles.    

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