Back to the bones: the healing potential of the miasms

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Back to the bones: the healing potential of the miasms – Marian Partington
9th May, Leeds


Marian Partington has practised homeopathy in Wales since 1984. In Leeds in May she is offering a day of meditative exploration and appreciation of the inter-relationship between the miasms and their potential for healing within traumatic loss. She will work with her book, If You Sit Very Still, which is “about the massive difficulty of anything like ‘reconciliation’ in the wake of outrage…. There is nothing easily consoling here, rather a sense of stillness, acceptance and hope”. (Rowan Williams, TLS Book of the Year 2012).

Marian’s teachers, Jeremy Sherr and Misha Norland, made new provings during her journey towards healing which enabled insight and re-connection with the greater whole: Plutonium and Positronium. Themes within these provings will be woven into the day. Her work in prisons since 2001 has enriched her understanding of that which needs to be healed at the root of the psoric miasm and its extreme symptoms manifested in the syphilitic miasm. There will be time for personal responses, group meditation, simple Qi Gong exercises and reflections.

Alongside her writing Marian also contributes to restorative justice initiatives in prisons, and she is a story teller/facilitator with the Forgiveness Project working in both prisons and schools.

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