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As part of the Society’s plan to encourage greater membership involvement and to utilise members expertise and experience we have now introduced five voluntary sub-committees in the areas of Professional Conduct, Pharmacy, PR, and CAFO, in addition to the long-established Research committee.

The sub-committees will provide a forum to explore specialist issues in more depth and help to inform planning and progress objectives within the Society.

The sub-committees will also provide a greater opportunity for members to gain experience of Society business, which we hope might encourage their further involvement, for example in standing for the Board or other roles that may become available in the future.



Sub-committee format

Each sub-committee has individual terms of reference that are agreed by the Board of Directors. The terms of reference describe the purpose and structure of the committee and are in place to enable committee members to work together to accomplish shared goals.

There is a selection process for each committee and when positions on groups become available we will notify members via our publications and/or ebulletin service.

Discussions are held via FirstClass Mail, which is provided free of charge to members of these groups and groups if necessary have between 3 and 6 telecons per year.

A representative from each group will be selected to attend the relevant Society Committee meetings.

If in future you wish to volunteer and become involved in any of these groups please contact the Society office or contact the staff representative indicated below for further information.

Sub committee composition

Professional Conduct Committee
Sharon Harper
Jayne Thomas
Sue Miles
Joe Everett
Tessa Jordan
Marie McShea


Pharmacy sub-committee
John Morgan
Stephen Gordon
Felicity Lee
Patricia Moroney
Rachel Roberts
John Lee
Sue Crump – staff rep

CAFO sub committee
Sue Crump – staff rep
Sue Drew
Lindsay Hickey
Sally Hughes
Caroline Jurdon
Sue Craven
Tricia Griffin

Research sub committee
Sue Crump – staff rep
Philippa Fibert
Caroline Ford
Stephen Gordon
Hugh Harrison
Angelina Mosley
Melanie Tompsett
Jo Rhodes
Julie Smith