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Registered Membership

In these uncertain times of change within the homeopathy profession, find a safe haven with The Society of Homeopaths. Registration is far simpler than you might think and your name on The Society register gives you a voice as a member of the largest organisation registering homeopaths in Europe.

Graduates from our recognised courses are eligible for direct registration, but you can still apply via our Individual Route if you have qualified through an alternative course, either overseas or in the UK.

Recently qualified or looking for something different?

Qualified at a Society Recognised Course click here

Qualified via an alternative course either in the UK or Overseas. Interested in finding our more? click here

New members fees

New members qualify for a heavily discounted introductory fee of £239 plus a one-off registration application fee of £65.  An optional portfolio feedback fee of £75 is also payable after 10 months if selected.

For information regarding our registration procedure, contact: Linda Austin, Registration Administrator on 01604 817890.

Existing Registered members fees

For 2013 are £456.

This pays for your insurance and membership services and includes the Society’s regular activities in promoting homeopathy and providing services to the membership and public.

For a summary of benefits of membership: click here

Your fees are calculated individually, depending on which quarter you become insured, and whether you have credit for any membership fee already paid. For example if you are a student and wish to become insured during the quarter 1st April – 30th June, you would pay three-quarters of the membership fee for the year, less credit for the remainder of the student year.

Download Make your Mark for information about The Society and the benefits of membership with us  click here