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Information covered on this page includes:

Make your mark

Be part of the UK’s most influential organisation for professional homeopaths.

Why join The Society of Homeopaths?

There are so many reasons for becoming a member of The Society of Homeopaths. Some homeopaths join for the professional status of being an RSHom, others for the support networks and professional development. Some members want to see their views reflected in the media, others want marketing materials and insurance at prices they couldn’t negotiate on their own. The Society offers something for everyone: for students laying the foundations for their careers, and for successful practitioners considering whether one professional organisation can provide more practical, day-to-day support than another.

Lifelong learning

As a homeopath, you never stop learning. We help students by recognising homeopathic courses that meet our standards and by working with course providers to create content that’s at the forefront of the profession. After you qualify, you can broaden your knowledge through our wide-ranging continuing professional development programme.

Professional register

The letters RSHom after your name tell the world that you are fully qualified, registered and comprehensively insured. Patients who consult you know that they are dealing with a responsible healthcare professional governed by a strict Code of Ethics and Practice

Business support

Running a successful homeopathy practice requires practical business skills. We run workshops, share knowledge about best practice, and provide equipment, materials and support services at generous discounts.

Professional and social support

You’re unlikely to come across a professional or practical problem that one of our members hasn’t faced before. Through meetings, newsletters, and our popular online resource – FirstClass Mail – you can share in the collective knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and resilience of our 1700 members.

A bigger voice in the world

We’ll keep you up to date with developments in homeopathy and the way that the profession is reflected in the news. Since we’re the UK’s biggest homeopathic organisation, our collective opinion has the weight of authority. By adding your voice to ours, you help promote homeopathy and influence government policy and public opinion.

Help and advice at the end of the phone

We’re here to support our members individually and collectively.

You can call us at any time during normal office hours on:

01604 817890 for advice on professional or practical matters

That’s also the number to call if you have a query about membership or registration.

You can visit the Society’s website 24 hours a day to book events, order from our TradCo product range, or to access the wealth of useful information in our members-only area.

A Society run by its members for the Membership

The Society is the UK’s longest established body registering homeopaths and the largest registering body in Europe.

Elections for directors (who are all registered members) take place at the AGM each spring. As a registered member, you can vote for directors or stand for election yourself. To make sure that we remain representative of our members, we take regular surveys of opinion.

Investment in your profession

The Society of Homeopaths Limited is a company limited by guarantee. It is a not-for-profit organisation in which any surpluses are reinvested for the good of The Society and its membership.

Sound administration

When you join The Society, you become part of a professional organisation with the infrastructure to support you at every stage of your career. A team of 12 full- and part-time staff manage day-to-day affairs, while policies are set by the Board of Directors. The staff are salaried employees and the Board is elected by membership vote. We have an office in Northampton. A few staff and consultants work from home.

Wide range of skills

All employees are experts in their fields. Some are practising homeopaths involved in professional standards, others are marketing, finance, or IT professionals responsible for specific aspects of The Society management.

Through two subsidiary companies, HETRA and TradCo, we provide education and training, and offer materials and merchandise at discount prices.

A career built on lifelong learning

Even after a lifetime of practice, there’s always something new to learn and the best way to keep up to date is by tapping into our unrivalled educational resources.

Student training

Our education department works with course providers to develop standards of education that enhance our collective professionalism. Roughly two thirds of UK homeopathy courses are recognised by The Society.

If you study at a recognised course, you can expect a high standard of modern education leading to a qualification you will be proud of. During your clinical years, we can put you in touch with practising homeopaths who are willing to support your learning.

You’ll find a list of recognised courses on our website. click here

Continuing professional development

Through our subsidiary HETRA Ltd (The Homeopathic Education, Training & Research Agency), we run a wide range of courses, conferences, workshops, and seminars related to homeopathy. HETRA’s continuing professional development (CPD) programme keeps professional homeopaths up to speed with the latest developments. It offers the most comprehensive range of post-qualification homeopathic education in the UK – and it’s available at locations across the country.

Latest research

Our research department keeps tabs on the latest research from around the world. By drawing these strands together, we increase the body of homeopathic knowledge, keep you up to date with the latest findings, and feed relevant data to the media. The research section of The Society’s website provides a valuable resource for members.

Newsletter and journal

We publish our newsletter and our journal, The Homeopath, four times a year. The newsletter is packed with information on day-to-day practice including ethics, the law, and practice management. The Homeopath concentrates on the latest developments in case management, research, provings and materia medica. The two periodicals give you a complete picture of homeopathy as it stands today

Stay in touch with your colleagues

It can be lonely as a self-employed homeopath working in your own practice.

Membership of The Society puts you in touch with 1600 students and practitioners who share your vision and your enthusiasm as well as the joys and the frustrations of running a business.

For many members, keeping in regular touch with their peers is the primary reason for joining. The constant flow of information and ideas is an antidote to the isolation of working for yourself.

Networking events

Nothing beats meeting fellow homeopaths face-to-face. As a Society, we come together several times a year – for CPD events, for our annual conference and AGM and for our autumn seminar. Between the lectures and seminars there are numerous opportunities for networking and for swapping stories and techniques.

Practice workshops

Part of our CPD programme involves practical workshops on running a homeopathy practice. You’ll pick up numerous tips on marketing your business and managing your practice and patients.

FirstClass Mail – free to members

You don’t have to leave home to make contact with other homeopaths. Our FirstClass Mail intranet keeps you in touch 24 hours a day. FirstClass Mail is a mixture of online messaging, notice boards, archive, and helpline. You can check the daily news, read what your colleagues are up to, ask questions about difficult cases, resolve practical business issues, or swap the odd joke. You can dip in and out whenever you like, as often as you like.

Marketing & Homeopathy Awareness Week

Through TradCo, you can buy ready-made leaflets on different aspects of homeopathy, as well as posters and leaflet dispensers. There are balloons and stickers for children, as well as lapel pins and polo shirts for you and your colleagues. Everything can be ordered online.

Our up-to-date register of homeopaths is also available online.

Potential patients type in their postcode to bring up a list of practitioners arranged in order of distance.

Homeopathy Awareness Week is an annual event organised by The Society in conjunction with remedy manufacturers and health food shops. Each year we provide a complete media kit to help you generate awareness in your home town.

There’s also plenty of information on our website that you can incorporate into your local publicity campaigns. It’s the sort of background information that you can use to add weight to press releases and interviews.

Ready-made press releases are waiting for you to personalise and send along to your local press in the members area of the website.

If you are a Society member you can join our email bulletin system to keep up to date with all the latest news about The Society, the profession, what is going on in the media, special offers and latest developments on conferences/seminars and CPD events. We also have talks packs available to help you make polished presentations to local organisations.

Comprehensive insurance

Your membership fee includes an annual premium for a bespoke insurance package put together for practising homeopaths. The scope of the cover and the benefits is specifically designed for you as a homeopath, and in our opinion it is the most comprehensive package of cover and expert services available on the market.

This comprehensive cover represents peace of mind for you and for your patients.

Take payments by credit card

Accepting patient payments by credit or debit card doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. For members who want to take cards, we’ve negotiated an attractive set of terms and a straightforward set of procedures.

There are no set-up costs, no minimum monthly processing charges, and (for those who can key in card details securely online) no terminal rental costs.

Practise as a registered homeopath

The public rightly expects high standards from its healthcare providers.

Our register of over 1300 homeopaths gives the public a list of practitioners that they can trust. We are the largest organisation in Europe that registers homeopaths.


RSHom – the sign of a professional homeopath

As a registered homeopath, you can put the letters RSHom (registered with The Society of Homeopaths) after your name. Those letters tell potential clients that you are properly educated and insured and that you are governed by a Code of Ethics and Practice. When your clients see the letters RSHom, they know they’re dealing with standards they can trust.

Registration is good for you and the profession

Registration with The Society puts members on a sound professional footing. Ideally, The Society would like to see a single register and regulatory body for homeopaths. In the meantime, we continue to register according to our own exacting standards.

If you’re going into homeopathy via a Society recognised course, registration is straightforward and direct. If you came into the profession by a different route, we will need to be sure that you practise to the standards we expect. Our individual route to registration lets you demonstrate your professionalism in ways that give credit to your knowledge and experience.

If you’re not sure about the status of your qualifications, call us on 01604 817890 for an informal chat about your route to registration.

Practise according to a Code of Ethics and Practice

A key aspect of membership of The Society of Homeopaths is the Code of Ethics and Practice. The Code sets the standards by which you run your practice and manage your patients. It’s a comprehensive set of rules that underpin the bond of trust between homeopath and patient.

The Code of Ethics would be worthless if we didn’t enforce it with vigour and in a way that’s open to public scrutiny. We do this in several ways. We employ a Professional Conduct Officer, we have separate processes for investigating and adjudicating complaints, we publicise our complaints process, we publish complaints statistics and outcomes, and we have clearly defined sanctions for those who violate the Code.

Make your voice heard

Homeopathy regularly features in the news.

As the UK’s largest homeopathic organisation, we’re the media’s first point of contact for facts and figures and comments on the day’s news.

By joining with us, you become part of the single most authoritative organisation within homeopathy.

At the same time, you get to express your own views through the collective voice of The Society.

The more active a part you play in Society affairs, the stronger our collective voice becomes.

Through regular updates on FirstClass Mail and timely email alerts, we keep you up to date with the way that homeopathy and related subjects are being reported in the media. You stay one step ahead by knowing what the media are saying about homeopaths – and what we’re saying in response.

Group membership of ECCH

The Society is a member of the European Council for Classical Homeopathy (ECCH). ECCH is building a common platform for the profession in Europe and is the representative voice at EU level for its 27 member associations.

Join The Society that offers you more

  • comprehensive insurance
  • a public register of practitioners
  • a Code of Ethics and Practice
  • lifelong learning
  • marketing support
  • practice-management software
  • 24-hour-a-day networking
  • free legal and counselling telephone helplines
  • the voice of authority
  • strength in numbers

Three categories of membership

Student: for students undertaking homeopathic education

Student Clinical: for students at recognised colleges who are undertaking supervised clinical cases requiring insurance cover

Registered: for practising homeopaths who meet our standards

Alternatively you could become a subscriber to receive our quarterly journal and newsletter alone.

Help and advice every step of the way

Whatever stage of your career you’re at, the first step towards Society of Homeopaths professionalism is to contact us on 01604 817890. We’ll send you a membership application pack and answer any questions you may have.

To spread the cost of membership you can pay in monthly or quarterly instalments by direct debit.

Why wait? Your career as a professional homeopath goes so much further with The Society of Homeopaths. Call us today on  01604 817890.

Make your Mark publication provides information of the benefits of membership with The Society.

To download Make your Mark publication: click here

To find out about the different levels of membership we offer, visit our membership levels pages:

For further details on insurance, visit our insurance pages: