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In these uncertain times of challenge and change within the homeopathy profession, find a safe haven with The Society of Homeopaths.

Registration is far simpler than you might think and your name on the Society register gives you a voice as a member of the largest organisation registering homeopaths in Europe.

Routes to registration

Qualified at a Society recognised course – registration: click here

Qualified via an alternative course either in the UK or overseas – Individual route: click here

The Society is a vibrant membership organisation, run by its members for its members, welcoming a wide range of homeopaths, who may adopt a variety of approaches to prescribing.

By requesting further information about registration with The Society of Homeopaths, you are now one step nearer to becoming a member of the largest organisation registering homeopaths in Europe!

If you have any questions at all, please do call Linda Austin on 01604 817890.

At the Society, we are always available to talk to you. Our office is open from 08.00 – 16.30 hrs Monday to Friday or you can email us on:

Download Registration Application form: click here

Download Registration with the Society of Homeopaths document: click here

To view Registration Introductory Workshops: click here

Qualifications and registration


Occurs at the end of your college education and forms the foundation for clinical practice.

Your qualification is an award that you hold for the rest of your life and forms the basis for registration, whereas you may not necessarily maintain your status as a registered practitioner throughout your professional life.


Registration involves an agreement between the homeopath and the registering body to deliver a certain level of quality and service to patients.

Your registration remains valid while:

  • you maintain your membership fees (including insurance)
  • you practise in the UK
  • you continue to work within the terms of the registration agreement

If you have any further queries regarding registering please contact Linda Austin, Registration Administrator on 01604 817890.