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Preliminary phase Application for registration
1st month: Introductory day and supervisor selection
2nd month: CPD plan submission
3rd month: CPD plan feedback
9th – 10th month: CPD portfolio preparation
10th – 12th month: CPD portfolio submission
Review phase: CPD portfolio review and completion of programme

Preparing for your Introductory Day

We encourage you to start using FirstClass Mail (FCM) and enjoy the benefits of keeping up-to-date with developments in the homeopathic profession as well as participating in networking opportunities with colleagues.

Please familiarise yourself with the ‘Newly Registered Members’ Folder’ in the members area of the website.

Attending your Introductory Day

If you are registering in Summer/Autumn, you will attend your Introductory Day as soon as possible after registering. It’s sometimes possible to attend an Introductory Day before formally qualifying from your college. Please contact Linda Austin for details.

Choosing a supervisor

You can choose the supervisor you would like to work with. Please liaise directly with your supervisor to agree a supervision contract and fees for the duration of the registration programme.
The Society recommends that a supervisor be chosen from the Society’s list of approved supervisors. However, if your preferred supervisor is not included in this list, they are very welcome to participate in a process that will enable them to become a Society approved supervisor.

To reduce costs, the Society encourages all Newly Registered Members to engage in facilitated peer group supervision. This also encourages valuable networking with other practitioners on the programme.

Preparation of a CPD plan

Within six weeks of attending your Introductory Day, you will be asked to prepare a CPD plan and email it together with the name of your chosen supervisor to Linda Austin

Emails from certain providers can sometimes not be delivered. If your email has been returned or you have not received an acknowledgement of the receipt of your plan within 48 hours please phone Linda Austin to ensure that is has arrived.

Feedback on CPD plan

A member of the Society’s Review Team will send you feedback on your CPD plan by e-mail. You continue to engage in CPD activities and participate in regular supervision, both of which form part of the agreement as a Newly Registered Member.

Preparation of a CPD portfolio

Please prepare a draft CPD portfolio and discuss it with your supervisor. Once your portfolio is complete, please post two copies to the Society office at least 10 months but no later than 12 months after attending the Induction Day. If you are unable to complete the portfolio in the specified time, you will need to negotiate a revised schedule with the Society.

Your CPD portfolio will contain:

  • your initial CPD plan
  • the feedback letter from your reviewer on your initial CPD plan
  • up to three reflective pieces on achieving some of your CPD objectives showing the impact that your CPD activities have had on your practice
  • an evaluation and review of your actual CPD activities in relation to your original plan taking into account the Society’s Core Criteria
  • a reference to how you have used supervision and the impact this has had on your practice
  • a new CPD plan for the following year arising from your evaluation and review

You can request feedback on specific areas from your peer-reviewer.

And finally – The review process and completion

Once you have completed your CPD portfolio, you can choose to receive feedback on your portfolio from a Society reviewer. This may either take place in a meeting (face-to-face or Skype) or, if you prefer, the Society reviewer will prepare and send written feedback to you.  If you prefer not to receive feedback on your portfolio, we will check it to ensure that it is complete and, if necessary, will contact you to request any additional items required.  Once we have confirmed that it meets the criteria, we will send you a letter to acknowledge completion of the registration programme. Those choosing to receive feedback will be sent their completion letter after their review meeting or with the reviewer’s feedback.  Those requesting feedback on their portfolios will be asked to pay a review fee of £75.