Why register with the Society?

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Why register with the Society?

In many lines of work, newly qualified professionals enjoy the benefit of structured employment and professional growth is guaranteed. In homeopathy on the other hand, opportunities to learn and receive guidance from more experienced colleagues are sparse. In addition, most homeopaths are self-employed and often work alone from home. The growth of a practice mainly depends on personal referrals. This can take time and requires confidence and determination.

The Society’s system of registration aims to provide a welcoming and supportive environment as you enter into your professional life. It offers opportunities for working towards a thriving practice, supporting yourself and your patients, networking with other practitioners and receiving affirmation of your achievements. For those who are already established in practice at the point of registration, the Society’s registration programme offers a chance to review their work and perhaps seek new directions and challenges.

What are the benefits of joining the Society

As a Registered Member, you will have access to the Society’s regular activities, resources and membership benefits including:

  • membership of the largest and most influential body of professional homeopaths with over 1300 members on the Society’s register
  • a pro-active Communications Team ensuring a high-profile, national PR presence
  • support in practice – through the registration programme
  • regional Continuing Professional Development workshops and meetings
  • inclusion in the Society’s register
  • the support and advice of the Professional Conduct Department
  • free access to the Society’s ‘FirstClass Mail’ intranet system, where you can keep in touch with other homeopaths, read the latest news and discuss any aspect of your profession, including sharing difficult cases
  • comprehensive claims insurance, with up to £5 million professional indemnity and public liability cover
  • free 24-hour confidential legal and counselling helplines
  • discounted rates for Society Conferences and Seminars
  • Tradco – the Society shop offering a variety of affordable merchandise and practice support materials
  • quarterly newsletter and professional Journal ‘The Homeopath’
  • a central office staffed to respond to enquiries from membership, press and public alike

Top tips for you!

On registering you will receive a complimentary copy of ‘Running a Successful Homeopathic Practice.’ Published to commemorate 30 years of supporting our members, this easy to use guide is written by professional business coach James Butler and award winning homeopath Sarah Whittaker RSHom. Full of advice and clear tips on creating a successful practice, the booklet also contains valuable tips from Society members, as well as acclaimed homeopaths from the international community.

This is just part of the bespoke business advice and support service that we offer our membership. On joining the Society you will be able to gain access to the members’ area which incorporates plenty of valuable advice and information including practice support, promotional campaigns, topical press releases for you to personalise and more.

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