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Different types of research are needed to try and answer different but equally important questions, such as, ‘how well does homeopathy perform in practice?’, ‘how does homeopathic treatment compare with placebo? or ‘how can such dilute medicines work?’

When pieced together, the results from these various areas of research form what is known as the ‘evidence base’ for homeopathy. Only by considering the evidence collectively in this way can we see the whole picture, enabling us to truly evaluate the role of homeopathy in healthcare today and understand how to improve homeopathic practice for the future.

Although more research is needed, the balance of evidence so far suggests that homeopathy can be a clinically effective and safe treatment option.

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Clinical trials (click here)
Randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and evidence for specific conditions

Homeopathy in practice (click here)
Case reports and clinical outcome studies

Cost-benefit studies (click here)
Is homeopathy cost-effective?

Safety studies (click here)
Safety of homeopathic medicines and treatment.

Basic science (click here)
Laboratory experiments investigating ultra-high dilutions.