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X-rays don’t harm homeopathic medicines but your mobile phone might

A series of experiments by Austrian researchers established that homeopathic thyroxine can alter the rate of metamorphosis in frogs.[1] Once this experimental model was shown to be reliable and repeatable, the team took the next step of investigating what factors might damage the homeopathic thyroxine, reducing its ability to have a biological effect.[2] Several forms of electromagnetic radiation were tested, focusing on those which remedies are known to be exposed to i.e. airport X-ray, red light barcode scanner, mobile phone and microwave oven.
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Exposure to airport X-ray and red light barcode scanner had no effect on the homeopathic thyroxine. This is great news considering these factors are unavoidable during worldwide trade and purchasing of remedies. You may also decide that you don’t need to get into an altercation with airport security when travelling with your remedies in future.

Exposure to an early generation microwave oven and mobile phones did destroy the effect of the homeopathic thyroxine. It’s unlikely that patients are going to put their medication in the microwave(!) but it may be wise to advise them not to keep remedies in bags alongside their mobile phones.


HELAT – Applying 21st century scientific rigour to Hering’s Law of Cure

A research team at Southampton University, which includes Society members Hugh Harrison and June Daniels, has developed the ‘Hering’s Law Assessment Tool (HELAT). This new research tool, described in a recent article published in the journal Homeopathy [3] shows potential for measuring clinical outcomes in homeopathic practice, both for educational and research purposes and is the latest example of ways in which traditional scientific research methods are being adapted to suit the unique requirements of homeopathy. It will be interesting to see how this new tool is developed and validated in the future.


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