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What evidence do we have that homeopathic treatment works?

Homeopathy – the Evidence, March 2012 - a brief summary of key examples from the research evidence base for homeopathic medicine, compiled by the Society of Homeopaths

‘Positive Homeopathy Research and Surveys’ - a report by the European Network of Homeopathy Researchers

‘Medical conditions with positive balance of evidence in homeopathy’- a comprehensive list of positive trials investigating specific medical conditions prepared by the British Homeopathic Association. (Download from the very bottom of the webpage ‘The Evidence for Homeopathy’)

Answering the critics

‘In Pursuit of Evidence’ - a discussion of the evidence base for homeopathy by Kate Chatfield RSHom, published in The Homeopath, Winter 2006, 25:3

Presenting the case for homeopathy to those who form and implement NHS policy

‘Integrating Homeopathy into Primary Care’ by Rachel Roberts RSHom, published in the National Health Executive journal (NHE) in December 2008. The readership of NHE includes members of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and senior health service managers.

Examining reasons for divergence in interpretation of the evidence base for homeopathy

‘Plausibility and evidence: the case of homeopathy’, by Rutten et al. is not just an overview of the systematic reviews, meta-analyses and other reports on homeopathy, rather it directly addresses the disagreement around interpretation of the results of these studies. The authors discuss the role of prior beliefs and plausibility bias in the divergent interpretation of findings from the key comprehensive systematic reviews carried out for homeopathy.
To read a synopsis of this important article by Alastair Gray click here.