Professional Conduct

Ethics imageThe Society of Homeopaths is committed to ensuring all patients receive the highest standard of professional care during their homeopathic treatment. Our Code of Ethics and Practice governs ethical and professional behaviour and sets benchmark standards for best practice in homeopathy.

All Society of Homeopaths members are bound by these codes. All members are accountable to the Society of Homeopaths for their professional behaviour and the codes are rigorously enforced. If members break the Society’s rules they can have a formal first warning, an action plan or conditions placed on their practice. In more serious cases, members may be suspended or removed from the Society of Homeopaths’ register. Although we are currently a voluntary self-regulating body, our reputation as the lead body for homeopathy in the UK means any sanctions we impose are taken seriously.

The Code of Ethics and Practice sets out the high standards of personal and professional conduct required of Society members. Concerns about a member’s behaviour should be referred to our Professional Conduct Officer who, if necessary, will explain the formal complaints procedure and collect preliminary details. Complex cases may take some time to resolve because of the need for thorough and impartial investigation.

Where possible, the Society encourages the resolution of differences between Complainants and Respondents through mediation and discussion with the Professional Conduct Officer, before entering formal professional conduct procedures.

The Professional Conduct Officer will help the Complainant to clarify the details of the concern raised and collate necessary information. The complainant must identify, and refer relevant parts of the Code. Help is available if the Complainant needs any assistance completing the complaints form or if any other factors need consideration, such as disabilities.

The Professional Conduct Officer will inform all parties of the complaint and its nature in writing, within 14 working days from the date of receipt and will send guidelines about the professional conduct procedure to all parties. For further details on the process and support available please refer to the Professional Conduct Procedures below.

In addition, there is mentor support available for Respondents undergoing investigation and the Professional Conduct Officer will provide guidance throughout the process.

To download The Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice: click here
To download The Society’s Professional Conduct Procedures: click here

Conduct enquiries can be sent in confidence to the Professional Conduct Officer by email to or call 01604 817890.

The Society is only able to take action on behalf of, or against, its members. Where your inquiry is about a homeopath who is a member of another professional organisation, you should contact an officer of that organisation.

If your homeopath is not registered with any professional body then the local Trading Standards Officer for your area may be able to help you. If this is not possible you may want to consider consulting a solicitor.

Your feedback on any of these documents is welcomed, particularly regarding those areas where you feel they lack clarity. Please send your comments to The Society Office.