PSAWhy register with the Society? 

In many lines of work, newly qualified professionals enjoy the benefit of structured employment and professional growth is guaranteed. In homeopathy on the other hand, opportunities to learn and receive guidance from more experienced colleagues are sparse. In addition, most homeopaths are self-employed and often work alone from home. The growth of a practice mainly depends on personal referrals. This can take time and requires confidence and determination.

The Society’s system of registration aims to provide a welcoming and supportive environment as you enter into your professional life. It offers opportunities for working towards a thriving practice, supporting yourself and your patients, networking with other practitioners and receiving affirmation of your achievements. For those who are already established in practice at the point of registration, the Society’s registration programme offers a chance to review their work and perhaps seek new directions and challenges.

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Registration is simple, here's how...

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New registration route

Introductory offer of £244 - just 67p per day payable in instalments
No application fee!
Automatic enrolment for Society student members
Insurance included in your membership fee
Reduced fees for up to 3 years *
On line introduction to help you on your way

* Applies from 1 June 2017 only

Annual membership fee  credibilityguaranteedlogo

This includes insurance cover and the Society’s regular activities in promoting homeopathy and providing services to the membership and public. In recognition of the fact that newly qualified practitioners are just starting out, on application you will be offered an introductory rate for your insurance and membership.

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To apply

If you are a Society student member simply contact  Liz Wootliff to upgrade your membership at If you are not a member yet, please complete this Registration application form  

Reference documents for registration

Please familiarise yourself with the ‘Newly Registered Members’ Folder’ in the Members’ area of the website and also the following documents (to download use the ‘click here’ link):

  • The Society’s Core Criteria (CC): click here
  • The Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice (CoE): click here
  • The National Occupational Standards (NOS) : click here

Appeals against registration decisions

If a homeopath is refused entry to the Society’s register or if a member is removed from the register and the practitioner wishes to appeal against the decision of the Registration Department, they may appeal to the Society’s Professional Conduct Committee.

For details of the appeals process, click here.