Firstclass mail (FCM)

Puts an end to professional isolation

FCiconFirstClass Mail is a wonderful way for me to feel connected with other homeopaths and the Society. I know many people feel isolated when working on their own…but FCM does go a long way to help me feel connected to others in my profession, on a daily basis. Wendy Dant ”

There’s nothing else in worldwide homeopathy quite like FirstClass Mail (FCM). Where else could you put a professional question to your peers and have an answer back within a day – possibly within an hour?

FCM draws together the membership of the Society of Homeopaths in a single, supportive online community. It’s a vast resource of talent, experience, and knowledge that you can tap into whenever you want. Just 15 minutes a day is enough to stay in touch.

Log in for facts, advice, or simple inspiration

FirstClass Mail 12 is accessible online. It is an entirely new, HTML5 web application supported by all modern browsers such as google and firefox.  This means you can gain access to FirstClass via the internet using your login details.

You can use FCM to research or discuss any aspect of your profession. As well as the supremely practical question-and-answer forum, there’s a space for philosophical and political debate, another for questions of practice management, and others still for students, CPD courses, jokes, NHS news and practice, Board minutes, business tips, events, and ads.

Whatever you want to know about homeopathy and the Society, the answer probably lies somewhere within FCM or within the knowledge base of FCM subscribers. It’s waiting there now; all you have to do is log on.

Look professional with a Society email address

FCM subscribers also get their own email account. It’s easy to use and it comes with a professional looking address in the form:

An FCM email account works just like your existing email account. You can use it for all your mail or run it in parallel with your existing account. Some FCM users like to separate their professional from their personal correspondence. For them, an FCM account is a neat and easy solution.

“It’s great having the facilities of FirstClass. From a professional point of view, it’s an advantage to have an email address that makes it clear I’m a member of the Society. It adds weight and kudos.” Liz Carr

News…  Archives…  Difficult cases…  Briefings…  Training…  Events…  Ads…

The breadth of ideas on FCM is its strength. Its 25 zones cover everything from humour to philosophy. You won’t be bored – you can’t be bored – these are your fellow homeopaths doing what they do best: talking about their profession.

Sounding board…professional resource…guiding hand…forum of last resort: call it what you will, FCM is the quickest and easiest way to resolve difficult cases and professional dilemmas. Somewhere on FCM there’s a homeopath – probably several – who has already faced the issues that you are facing now. Their experience is invaluable and, on FCM, their advice is free.

“Normally, I start the day by clicking in News and finding out what the world is saying about homeopathy…then I ease myself into the serious stuff with Difficult Cases…colleagues thinking out loud as they work to resolve their most stubborn cases. Then, if I want a giggle, there is always something good in the Just 4 Fun conference.” Jemima Kallas

Call us now to join!

If you wish to open a personal account on FCM simply email and we will open an account for you and email the login instructions. This will provide you with access to a wealth of information and regular contact with other students and practitioners in the field. Contact us on 01604 817890 once you have joined as a member.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

For technical help and advice, call 01604 817890 between 10am and 4.00pm. Advice is free and unlimited.