Interested in studying homeopathy?

Thinking of training to be a homeopath?

Congratulations – you are in the right place to lay foundations for your future career.

People come to our homeopathy courses for a number of reasons.

You might be looking for a way of working which is flexible and adaptable, yet with the support of a strong professional organisation.

You may have had homeopathic treatment which has changed your life, or know of someone else for whom homeopathy has made an enormous difference.

You may be a parent who has prescribed first aid remedies for your own children, or a professional in another field interested in changing direction in your work life or extending your present career.

Studying homeopathy can be exciting and rewarding, contributing to personal as well as professional development. It will demand commitment of time and effort as well as being open to challenge and growth through self-reflection.

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So what does it involve?

Academic level: Our recognised courses are for those wishing to be professional homeopaths. Therefore the academic level is equivalent to that of a first degree.

Attendance required: Most courses are part-time and run on the basis of attending for one weekend each month. Full time and partial distance learning options are also available.

How long will it take? To achieve this level of competence usually takes 3 to 4 years.

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