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To find out more about getting involved with the work homeopathic charities are undertaking in the UK and worldwide read on.


FreshwindsFreshwinds charity, established since 1992, supports adults and children with life-threatening and life-limiting health conditions and people who are socially excluded. This is achieved through a variety of programmes and projects (one of which is the Integrated Medicine Programme).  The support is provided free of cost to our service users.

Freshwinds’ Integrated Medicine programme provides complementary therapies for adults and children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses.  We follow an integrated medicine model of care whereby complementary therapies are combined with the client’s existing medical care that they are receiving from their GP / hospital.  The underlying principle guiding our work is that of holistic care.We have a variety of projects within the Integrated Medicine programme providing in-house and outreach services.  Our integrated medicine team includes 3 doctors (as well as other volunteer doctors), 2 complementary therapy co-ordinators, an outreach assessor, volunteer therapists (up to 50), sessional therapists (up to 10), a research assistant and an admin assistant.We have a commitment to the continuing professional development of our staff and volunteers.  As such we have regular therapists’ meetings which incorporate elements of teaching (including guest speakers) and case discussions.  We also offer other training opportunities such as Moving and Handling Training and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Awareness Training.Clients accessing the different integrated medicine projects have a variety of health problems.  Our adult clients include, for example, people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV, SLE, palliative and end stage conditions.  Our child clients include children with complex conditions, Down’s syndrome, developmental disorders, autism, genetic and chromosomal disorders and others.  Clients initially undergo an holistic assessment, which includes a medical history as well as details of their psycho-emotional, family, relationships, financial and social circumstances.

Following this a package of care is planned which includes not just complementary therapies but also referrals to other Freshwinds’ projects or external services depending on the client needs identified during the holistic assessment.If you are interested in volunteering at Freshwinds, please contact: Dr Pankaj Shah – Medical Officer.

Email: dr.shah@Freshwinds.org.uk
Freshwinds, Prospect Hall, 12 College Walk, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6LE
Telephone:  0121 415 6670
Web: www.freshwinds.org.uk
Registered charity number: 1079968, Registered company number: 3936089

The Ghana Homeopathy Project

ghana hom proj logoYou can help by small monthly standing order and/or volunteer for tasks to suit your talents in the UK, in Ghana and around the world.

The vision – The charity’s main objective is the relief and prevention of disease working closely together with local community developments and initiatives. The vision is the establishment of homeopathy as a recognised part of the health care system in Africa and Ghana in particular, as the projects focus of activity.The charity supports the development of homeopathic education and vocational facilities together with local partners in health care and Government. The vision is to make homeopathy available to the poorest communities as a valid and affordable treatment and to support health education.The project works towards integrated health care with respect for the contribution of both conventional and traditional medicine.

We work with the Ghanaian code of Ethics and Practice for Traditional and Alternative Medicine and promote best professional practice. The vision is of clinics throughout the region which make the best use of existing and emergent health care practices and which are managed and supported locally. The aim is to contribute towards a sustainable and self reliant integrated health care service. This vision is shared with the Ghanaian Health Ministry Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine and with many local health care practitioners and communities.

To achieve the vision – the Ghana Homeopathy Project works in partnership. We work with midwives, primary health care workers and educators, doctors, traditional herbalists and healers, government and professional associations as well as local homeopaths. The project provides consultancy, volunteers, education, supervision and professional services, books and remedies. Support is offered freely and in a spirit of research and enquiry. For example we record and monitor cases of people treated by homeopathy and assess progress together with student practitioners under supervision.

Our work so far – In Mafi Seva villages in the Volta region we work in partnership with an integrated clinic with 5 local student homeopaths under supervision, to provide health care and education to people in 25 villages. The clinic works together with a clean water project and Kekeli women, a health and social education project.

In Accra we have started a 4 year Diploma programme to train professional homeopaths, working with our Ghana partners – The Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine. The school also runs training clinics for local students of homeopathy, and outreach clinics in the community.

In Kumasi, the Northern city, we have begun working with Ghanaian homeopaths and a local Doctor to provide integrated health care and outreach clinics.

The UK team fund raises, provides resources, promotes the project, manages the project together with the trustees and partners in Ghana, and runs a volunteer programme to support and facilitate the aims. The UK team is Linda Shannon, Sheila Ryan and Angelika Metzger.

Fundraiser Wanted
We are looking for someone with good communication and presentation skills – maybe with marketing experience – to help us raise money so that this thriving charity can achieve even more. Experience in fund raising is not necessary and you will have access to professional support and advice to get you started. Remuneration for the post will be in the form of a percentage of money raised


For more information please email Veda Alberti (Chair of the GHP Trustees) vedabridport@yahoo.co.uk

Contact details:
Website: www.ghanahomeopathy.org
Homeopathy in Africa is a registered charity number 1125981

Homeopathy Action Trust (HAT)

hat logo1Our Vision – A world in which homeopathy is universally accepted as a potent part of everyday life, in a society that promotes and protects choice in healthcare. A society that treats patients, practitioners and students of homeopathy fairly, positively and with respect.

Our Mission – To secure a vibrant future for homeopathy by:
increasing awareness of homeopathy as a valid and effective healthcare option
promoting education and research
providing information and support to patients, students and practitioners
galvanising and unifying the homeopathic community
fostering a culture of clarity, openness, inclusivity and altruism
working independently and in partnership with other organisations to fund healthcare and research projects.

Support us – We need your support because we are a small Charity, endeavouring to create space in our modern world for Homeopathy. At the very least, there should be the universal possibility to choose Homeopathy as a medical therapy. We could not provide our vital services without the people that support us.  Please join us a Member and consider supporting us in other, creative ways:

Make a Donation, buy a copy of Winkler’s plant paintings, buy Trees in The Homeopathy Wood, leave a Legacy, sign up to our Newsletter.
See our website for more ideas.

Contact details:
Website: www.homeopathyactiontrust.org
Email: enquiries@homeopathyactiontrust.org
Telephone: 0844 800 2840
HAT, PO Box 9022, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 9BZ
Registered Charity No 328537, Company No 2463858.

Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century

HMC21 logoIn order to counter the attacks on homeopathy and attempts to remove it from the NHS, H:MC21 is providing:

  • the opportunity for those who have found that homeopathy works to be counted by signing the declaration “Homeopathy Worked for Me”
  • advice and support for those wishing to challenge the attacks themselves, including a letter to be sent to Primary Care Trusts, and information for use when writing to local MPs
  • wide-ranging information about homeopathy’s theory, practice and history
  • a communication network which will enable a rapid response by supporters to articles attacking homeopathy

H:MC21 would like you to:

  • help collect 250,000 signatures to the declaration
  • arrange “Homeopathy Actually …” parties when those who know that homeopathy actually works can promote homeopathy, the campaign and local practices (we can help with speakers etc.)
  • write to your local Primary Care Trust using the letter in the Resource Pack
  • write to you local MP
  • join our e-newsletter database

Contact Details:


Telephone: 01234 241133 Ursula Kraus-Harper
01366 500799 William Alderson
Registered charity no. 1124711.
Registered address: Poppyseed Cottage, High Street, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk PE33 9SF

Homeopathy Research Institute

The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) is an international charity dedicated to the facilitation of scientific research in homeopathy. The institute was founded by Executive Director Dr. Alexander Tournier who holds a PhD in Biophysics in addition to being a qualified homeopath.

Sign up for our free quarterly newsletter
The HRI newsletter will allow you to keep up to date with key developments in homeopathy research effortlessly. Members of our Scientific Advisory Committee and guest authors take jargon-filled scientific papers from all areas of homeopathy research and translate them into these easy-to-read publications sent to you free of charge via email.The institute is the first dedicated central resource of its kind and will be playing a pivotal role in the future of homeopathy research, but its work is entirely dependent on donations. We therefore welcome the invaluable contribution of new supporters.

To join the Homeopathy Research Institute community, make a donation or to find out more, please visit: www.homeoinst.org or contact us at: info@homeoinst.org
Chief Executive: Rachel Roberts
Charity number: 1132901

The League of Friends of the RLHH

RLHIMFriensRoundBadge5Contact details:The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine,
60 Great Ormond Street, London, WC1N 3HR
Telephone: 0845 155 5000 or 020 3456 7890

Charity number: 269289
website: www.savenhshomeopathy.org


The Maun Homeopathy Project

Maun logoThe Maun Homeopathy Project is a registered charity (No. 1109958) in Maun, Botswana founded by Hilary Fairclough and Philippa Brewster in 2002.


  • establishing a permanent and free homeopathic service for women men and children living with HIV and AIDS and/or traumatised by rape in Maun, Botswana
  • working in partnership with agencies in the local community
  • offering holistic care to people suffering from illness, trauma, grief and stigma
  • travelling light with mobile clinics providing an outreach service for those most in need
  • training local people in homeopathy to ensure the service becomes sustainable, run by and for local people.For more information about our charity please go to www.homeopathybotswana.com

Healing for Strength and Survival MHP is a registered charity (No. 1109958) founded by Hilary Fairclough and Philippa Brewster in 2002:

  • establishing a permanent and free homeopathic service for women, men and children living with HIV and AIDS and/or traumatised by rape in Maun, Botswana
  • working in partnership with agencies in the local community
  • offering holistic care to people suffering from illness, trauma, grief and stigma
  • travelling light with a mobile clinic providing an outreach service for those most in need
  • recruiting and supporting local people to train in homeopathy to an internationally recognised standard

A Community in Crisis

Since 2002, The Maun Homeopathy Clinic has been running free homeopathy outreach clinics in Maun, a fast growing town in the north of Botswana, where over 35% of the people are infected with HIV or AIDS, one of the highest rates in the world.

We are now recruiting for volunteers to work in Maun for 6 – 12 week stretches. The clinics, which treat people living with HIV and/or traumatised by rape, are firmly established in the community and the work we continue to do is challenging, rewarding and often inspiring. In Maun you would be involved in providing a service that makes a huge difference to individuals, seeing lives turned around and treating serious pathology which we rarely see in our private practices. It is an intense professional and personal development opportunity. Our best testament is that homeopaths who’ve already been there go back for more!

We have recently recruited 3 local people to be trainees in homeopathy. The School of Homeopathy in Devon has donated us places for them on their Distance Learning Course. We think this is an important and exciting development leading towards sustainability of the Project and contributing towards the creation of a firm homeopathic base in Botswana. If you decided to volunteer, your role would therefore involve supporting the trainees who will be interpreting in the clinics as part of their apprenticeship learning, and running weekly tutorials for them.

The charity does its utmost to prepare you before you go by running induction days, and to support you while you are there by providing personal telephone supervision from dedicated volunteer homeopath supervisors in the UK. You would also get regular telephone management support. Further there are key people in Maun who support the homeopaths when they are there.

At the moment we ask that volunteers pay for their own air fare which costs between £650 – £850 depending on the time of year. In the future we hope to have funds available to contribute towards your flight but meanwhile we would support you in an fundraising you might need to do before going. The charity pays for all your living expenses while you are there.
Hilary Fairlcough, Director
The Maun Homeopathy Project
37a Hartham Road, London N7 9JQ
Tel: 020 7607 3613 or 07956 335341
email: mhp@homeopathybotswana.com
website: www.homeopathybotswana.com

Travelling Homoeopaths Collective

THC logoThe Travelling Homoeopaths Collective was established in the summer of 1990 to provide a charitable drop-in Homoeopathic Clinic at out door public events, music festivals and fairs.

They treat thousands of people every year at many festivals including Glastonbury (where some 20 practitioners cover a period of 18 hours during the day), some of the other events they cover are:- Larmer Tree, Cambridge Folk Festival, Wychwood Music Festival and The Big Green Gathering. They have four clinics covering The North, West and South.The Clinics offer treatment for acute conditions, such as hay fever, sun stroke, sunburn, digestive upsets, coughs, and colds, all common occurrences at such events. We also offer advice and support for people who have chronic or more long-term disorders and diseases as well as this we promote Homoeopathy.The Collective is made up of Qualified, Registered and Insured Homoeopaths who work on a voluntary basis. All donations received go towards maintenance, travel expenses, and the further promotion of Homoeopathy.
To find out more visit:www.thc.org.uk

Calling all 3rd and 4th year Students and Homoeopaths.

Would you like to come and work with us in Summer 2016?

You will need to attend one of our induction days.

The fee for the day is £60 This includes: lunch, beverages.

London - Saturday 9th April 2016 Yorkshire

Saturday 23rd April 2016 Wiltshire

 Saturday 21st May 2016

Days run from 10am until 4.00pm

For an application form please contact Marcus on 01722 340792 or marcus@thc.org.uk Visit our website to find out more about us:- www.thc.org.uk

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